Rooms at the "Ochsen"



Where you awake cheerful and refreshed. 

A restful sleep, total relaxation. Wake up in the morning feeling revitalized - just what you would expect from hotel comfort. All our efforts and plans have gone to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The comfort of our beds and the bathroom furnishings are second to none. Just for you.

The moment of truth: You won't be disappointed.

As you know yourself, many promises are made and broken when  it comes to hotel comfort. That's why we've chosen the best possible solution. In the interests of making your stay as pleasant as possible, our rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, minibar, pay TV and ISDN telephone. Not to mention luxury bathrooms, some of which come with a jacuzzi. Can you imagine a better way to relax an enjoy a good night's sleep after  a long hard day? 

 Allow yourself a special pleasure. Climb into the jacuzzi tub an enjoy a soothing body massage in the bubbling water.