Highlights from the history of the house

1785  Christian Benedikt Eble(n) purchases a part of the house situated in Ulmer Straße 325 from his brother-in-law Johann Stephan Weiß and, thus, becomes the sole house owner. The land register only mentions a garden adjacent to the northern part of the house. This means that the building in Ulmer Straße 323 has not yet been constructed.

1805 Johann Jacob Eble(n), son of the above-mentioned Christian Benedikt, marries Katharina Barbara Zondler. Until his death in 1835, he is called "Traubenwirt Eble" (landlord of the "Traube").

1824  The first secure proof of the existence of Ulmer Straße 323. In the primary land register, the landlord of the "Traube" Jacob Eble is mentioned as the owner of the residential building, including courtyard and pigpen. In all probability, he can also be considered the builder of the house.

1840  The renewed plan of the village contains a skittle lane with a beer garden at the "Ochsen" (or was it still called                                           "Traube" at the time?).

1842 A barn is erected behind the house.

1892 Emil Luithardt buys one half of the house from the churchwarden Decker and the other one from Wilhelm Hutzenlaub. A bakery is intergrated, the outside staircase is removed, and a new cellar is erected.

Around 1900  Inn "Zum Ochsen" managed by Emil Luithard. The oldest picture of the "Ochsen" which is available up to now. Emil Luithard ran this inn from 1892 until 1929.

1929  The master saddler Friedrich Schubert takes over the "Ochsen" and converts the barn into his workshop.

1953  Wilhelm and Herta Bender lease the inn "Ochsen".

1976  Harald und Nada Bender lease the "Ochsen" and get the opportunity to purchase the "Ochsen" in 1980.




1998 / 2007  Enlarging and extension.